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 rural justice network


What is the Rural Justice Network? 

Our Mission:

We promote education, acceptance, and equity in Rural America by connecting people, organizations, and resources. 


        The idea for the Rural Justice Network began in the summer of 2020 short after the North Brookfield Black Lives Matter protest - people would not stop asking “What’s next?” It was clear that although there was a plethora of resources surrounding various social issues, there were few that were accessible or geared towards small town America. Since then, the RJN has been dedicated to the education and mobilization of Rural America. 

      In addition to holding several more BLM rallies, we have put on online academic seminars covering a wide range of justice-based topics, held voter registration drives, educational movie screenings, hosted Small Town Pride, and multiple other projects. Rural Justice Network was officially incorporated as a 501c3 in April of 2022, and has continues to fight for the rights of people of all identities with a focus on uplifting marginalized voices in rural America.

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